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Sellers Checklist


Getting ready to list your home requires you to step back and REALLY look at all aspects of your home.

Below are 8 proven ways you can prepare your home to reduce the time on market, while increasing the sales price. Our strength comes in utilizing years of experience in this market to help you evaluate which steps, and to what extent, will benefit you the most. Then we’ll work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals.

  • 1. Clean sells!
  • 2. Have a plan for pets!
  • 3. Make a good first impression
  • 4. Have your house inspected by a professional
  • 5. Set the Stage
  • 6. Lights, filters, action!
  • 7. Price it right
  • 8. Be ready
Declutter the house from top to bottom. It’s time to clear out those closets, drawers and shelves. Rent a storage unit for a month if necessary, but magazine collections, unused bicycles and extra furniture need to disappear. Prospective buyers want storage, and by reducing “stuff” and keeping space neat and organized, you can help them envision their furniture in your space. Make your house look bright and cheery by letting the light in – wash windows and open drapes/blinds. Change lampshades and maybe increase the wattage of light bulbs.
Not everyone is a dog/cat lover, so consider how you might minimize their impact in the home. Clean and empty (or remove completely) all pet food bowls before showings. Move the kitty litter box out of sight.
The saying is true – you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Ensure that the drive-up appeal to your home makes a prospective buyer excited about stepping inside. Trim bushes, add fresh mulch, plant color in the beds or spruce up pots in strategic locations around the yard. Make sure exterior lighting is working properly. Wipe down the front door (you may need to add a fresh coat of paint), lay down a new doormat, change the hardware if it’s worn – and don’t forget the doorbell.
If your house is more than a few years old, it could be worthwhile to hire an inspector to evaluate your home before you list it. Based on that report, you might be able to make small repairs that improve the desirability of your home. An inspection report is a valuable resource to buyers when negotiating the final details of an offer, and the more you know and are prepared for in advance, the better our ability to negotiate the sale.
We stage every client’s home, at every price point, by a professional decorator. Staging will increase your home’s appeal to prospective buyers and greatly improve the photography we use to market the home.
Buyers are looking online long before they actually start visiting neighborhoods, so there can be no substitute for a professional photography and proper lighting when photographing your home. We provide the photography for ALL clients as part of our service. Our photographer looks for the best angles and knows how to capture those features that will help sell your home.
Establishing the proper sales price is a delicate balance of fact and overall experience serving this market. There are so many variables that affect price, and knowing how to leverage those variables is the key. We’ll start with real and current data to measure what the market will allow. Then we begin to factor in what is great about your home, as well as any problem areas that might impact your sales price.
Once your house is live on the market, it’s important that you keep it “show ready” all the time. Keep the grass trimmed and the front step clear of leaves and spider webs. Items in your closets and drawers should be neat and organized. Make sure pets are out of the way. Open the blinds. Turn on the lights. Make it inviting.